Where Are They Now? The Prominent Figures of the O.J. Simpson Trial

The O.J. Simpson trial, which captivated the nation from 1994 to 1995, introduced a cast of prominent figures who have since gone on to lead diverse lives. Here is an update on where they are now and the impact the trial had on their lives.

Alan Dershowitz, a lawyer and Harvard Law professor, gained fame as one of Simpson’s defense attorneys. Since then, he has represented controversial clients such as Jim Bakkar, Julian Assange, Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, and Harvey Weinstein. Dershowitz has also written books and remains a prominent figure in legal and political circles.

Al Cowlings, a former NFL player and Simpson’s close friend, gained notoriety for his involvement in the low-speed car chase that followed the murders. He has since maintained a relatively low profile, working for billionaire B. Wayne Hughes and retiring from public life.

Robert Shapiro, the original leader of Simpson’s defense team, later reflected on the trial in his book “The Search for Justice: A Defense Attorney’s Brief on the O.J. Simpson Case.” He went on to found LegalZoom and ShoeDazzle, as well as co-author an anti-drugs children’s book.

F. Lee Bailey, known for his cross-examination of LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman, faced disbarment in 2001 and 2002 for his handling of a client’s case. He turned to consulting and released a book about the Simpson trial before his death in 2021.

Barry Scheck, a member of Simpson’s defense team, gained fame for his controversial stance on the DNA evidence. He went on to co-found the Innocence Project, an organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals.

Robert Kardashian, Simpson’s close friend and defense team member, reactivated his legal license to assist in the trial. He later speculated about Simpson’s innocence but passed away in 2003. The Kardashian family has since become well-known for their entertainment and business ventures.

Denise Brown, Nicole Simpson’s sister, testified during the trial and became an advocate for domestic abuse victims. She continues to work towards raising awareness and seeking justice for victims.

Fred Goldman, Ron Goldman’s father, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Simpson and was awarded damages in a civil trial. He co-authored a book about his son and has remained focused on honoring the victims.

Paula Barbieri, Simpson’s former girlfriend, wrote a book about her relationship with him and has since led a private life, marrying and starting a family.

Sydney and Justin Simpson, O.J. and Nicole’s children, have largely stayed out of the public eye. Sydney pursued a career in real estate, while Justin worked as a real estate broker before relocating to Las Vegas.

Mark Fuhrman, the LAPD detective who discovered the “bloody glove” at Simpson’s home, retired from the force and became a true crime writer and commentator.

Kato Kaelin, Simpson’s houseguest at the time of the murders, testified during the trial and later appeared in films and reality TV shows.

Tom Lange and Philip Vannatter, the lead investigators in the case, retired from the LAPD and co-authored a book about the trial. Vannatter passed away in 2012.

Lance Ito, the presiding judge, continued his career as a judge before retiring in 2015. He recently endorsed former prosecutor Christopher Darden in his candidacy for L.A. County judge.

Henry Lee, a renowned forensic scientist, continued to work on high-profile cases and faced controversy over allegations of evidence fabrication.

Michael Baden, a forensic psychologist who testified for the defense, has remained in the public eye as a commentator on crime cases.

Dominick Dunne, a journalist and neighbor of Nicole Brown Simpson, testified during the trial and went on to write about true crime. He passed away in 2009.

Marcia Clark, the lead prosecutor, left her job in the prosecutor’s office and became a crime novelist. She has spoken about the toll the trial took on her mental health.

Christopher Darden, co-prosecutor and former colleague of Judge Ito, started his own defense law practice and has represented defendants in high-profile cases.

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