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Westchester County Jail Workers Charged with Bribery in Jailhouse Crackdown

A group of Westchester County Jail workers, including corrections officers and commissary workers, have been charged with bribery in a recent crackdown, according to officials. The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office confirmed on Wednesday that two officers and three former jail employees, including a guard and two civilian commissary workers, were charged with third-degree bribe receiving. The suspects, identified as Peter Cumberbatch and Sharia Smythe, both corrections officers, were released on desk-appearance tickets and are scheduled for arraignment on June 20.

The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office did not provide further details regarding the alleged crimes. The names of the other individuals involved have not been disclosed at this time. Attempts to reach them for comment were unsuccessful, and the Westchester County Corrections Officer Benevolent Association did not respond to inquiries.

Westchester County Corrections Commissioner Joe Spano expressed his gratitude to District Attorney Mimi Rocca and her team for their efforts in uncovering this case. Spano also expressed his disappointment, stating, “It’s obviously very upsetting to learn that some of our employees made conscious decisions to engage in criminal activity that compromised the safety of our staff and the individuals in our care.” He further emphasized that the involved correction officers not only violated their oath of office and the trust placed in them but also tarnished the reputations of all honest and dedicated correction officers. Spano concluded by warning any correction agency employee contemplating engaging in criminal activity that they will be discovered and prosecuted.

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