West Milton Police Investigate High-Speed Crash Ending in Front Yard

West Milton police are currently investigating a high-speed crash that occurred on Tuesday evening, ending with a car crashing into a front yard. The incident took place during peak rush hour, raising questions about police chase policies. The driver of the vehicle was attempting to evade arrest by fleeing from the police.

The crash resulted in injuries to a mother and two children who were inside the vehicle. This is reportedly the second time in a month that a police chase has ended in the front yard of the Clayton Homes residents. The entire pursuit lasted approximately four minutes, leaving little time for decision-making and determining the appropriate course of action.

West Milton Police Chief Doyo Wright stated that the department is currently investigating whether the chase adhered to the department’s pursuit policies. According to the department’s vehicle pursuit policy, officers can engage in a pursuit if they have reason to believe the suspect is attempting to evade arrest. However, officers are allowed to terminate a pursuit if the risk of continuing outweighs the risk of the suspect escaping.

Photos provided by the Ohio State Highway Patrol show the extensive damage caused to the vehicle involved in the chase, as well as the homeowner’s property. The car veered off State Route 48, colliding with a utility box, fire hydrant, and a large pole before overturning. The driver, who appeared to be impaired, and the two children were inside the vehicle at the time of the crash.

The driver is currently under observation at a local hospital, while the two-year-old child has been released. The six-year-old child is expected to be released in the coming days. Child Protective Services of Montgomery County have been contacted and are working to place the children with family. The police department is collaborating with prosecutors to determine the charges that will be brought against the driver, who may face felony and misdemeanor charges.

Author: CrimeDoor

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