Wealthy Dentist Sentenced to Life in Prison and Fined $15 Million for Wife’s Murder on African Safari

Wealthy Dentist Sentenced to Life in Prison and Fined  Million for Wife’s Murder on African Safari

Larry Rudolph, a wealthy dentist, has been sentenced to life in prison and fined over $15 million for the murder of his wife, Bianca Rudolph, during an African safari in 2016. The sentencing took place in a Denver federal court on Monday. In addition to the murder charge, Rudolph was also found guilty of mail fraud for cashing in nearly $5 million in insurance policies for his wife.

Prosecutors alleged that Rudolph killed his wife to obtain the insurance money and live a lavish retirement with his longtime girlfriend. They described the murder as the result of a lifetime spent seeking domination and control over others through wealth and power.

Rudolph, who has consistently claimed that his wife’s death was an accident, plans to appeal the conviction. His lawyers, David Oscar Markus and Margot Moss, expressed confidence in his innocence and stated their intention to vindicate him on appeal.

The penalties imposed on Rudolph include a combination of fines and property forfeiture. He also received a 20-year prison term to be served concurrently with his life sentence. The hearing primarily focused on the financial penalties, with extensive discussions of Rudolph’s financial transactions.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Bryan Fields argued that substantial financial penalties were necessary to prevent Rudolph from seeking revenge or engaging in malicious activities from behind bars. Rudolph’s lawyers, however, contended that such a high fine would deprive his two adult children of their inheritance.

Rudolph’s wife, Bianca, was shot in the heart with a shotgun on the last morning of their trip to Zambia. Prosecutors alleged that Rudolph staged the scene to make it appear as though she had accidentally shot herself while packing. They also accused him of intimidating officials and rushing to have his wife cremated to cover up the crime.

Rudolph’s girlfriend, Lori Milliron, was sentenced to 17 years in prison in June for her involvement in the murder. She has filed an appeal.

The couple’s two adult children, Julian and AnaBianca Rudolph, have sought financial penalties from their father, arguing that they should be considered the victims of the insurance fraud.

The investigation into Bianca Rudolph’s death was initiated by the FBI, leading to Larry Rudolph’s arrest nearly five years after the incident. Prosecutors alleged that Rudolph had built his wealth through fraud, including intentionally causing harm to his dental patients.

The sentencing hearing concluded with the judge imposing the life sentence and financial penalties on Rudolph.

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