Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Police Chase Ends in Arrest of Retail Theft Suspect

Wawatosa police have released squad footage of a police chase that occurred on October 4th. The chase began as a retail theft investigation at Dick Sporting Goods on West Burline. The suspect, identified as Ed Dariana Anderson, was driving a sedan and repeatedly refused to stop for officers attempting to pull her over.

The footage shows officers engaging with Anderson, who remained inside the vehicle. At one point, an officer threw stop sticks in front of the sedan in an attempt to disable it. However, Anderson managed to reverse and evade the officers.

The chase continued for approximately seven minutes, during which time the sedan eventually crashed on 84th Street. Two occupants fled the scene, leaving one person behind. The remaining individual, identified as Ed Dariana Anderson, was apprehended by the police.

Upon searching the vehicle, officers discovered men’s clothing with tags still attached, leading prosecutors to believe that Anderson was involved in retail theft. She has been arrested and is facing charges related to the incident.

Author: CrimeDoor

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