Von Dutch Co-Founder Bobby Vaughn Arrested in Manhattan; Claims of Assault Disputed by Socialite Girlfriend

Von Dutch Co-Founder Bobby Vaughn Arrested in Manhattan; Claims of Assault Disputed by Socialite Girlfriend

Fashion mogul Bobby Vaughn, co-founder of the Von Dutch clothing brand, was arrested at his girlfriend Libbie Mugrabi’s Manhattan townhouse following allegations of assault. The NYPD reported responding to a distress call from the Upper East Side residence around 9 p.m. on Sunday, discovering Vaughn “barricaded” inside a bedroom.
According to the arrest report, Vaughn allegedly caused an injury to Mugrabi’s face using her cell phone during an altercation. However, both Vaughn and Mugrabi contend that the charges stem from a misunderstanding.

Mugrabi, a renowned socialite, criticized the police response, describing it as “brutal.” She expressed to the Daily Mail that the events were misconstrued. “I told them everything was okay and it was an accident. He grabbed my phone, and I bit my lip. It’s a false arrest,” Mugrabi clarified.

The subsequent arraignment painted a turbulent domestic scene with Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Kristin Rainis detailing the events. Despite Mugrabi’s statements suggesting the arrest was unwarranted, a protection order against Vaughn was issued.

Defense attorney John Rapawy highlighted Mugrabi’s reluctance to collaborate with law enforcement and the DA’s office. He petitioned for a limited protection order instead of a complete one.

Post-arrest, Vaughn was released without bail and is slated for a court appearance on Nov. 15. Although Mugrabi was present at the courthouse, she did not attend the courtroom hearing. The pair exited the precinct in separate vehicles, avoiding further comments to the press.

Upon departure, Vaughn briefly addressed the media, acknowledging his regret over the incident and emphasizing his continued affection for Mugrabi.

This is not Vaughn’s inaugural brush with the law. In 2005, he faced trial for the fatal shooting of a friend but was subsequently acquitted, asserting self-defense.

Mugrabi, too, has had previous high-profile confrontations. She donned a bulletproof vest in a Manhattan family court in June while seeking protection against her ex-husband, billionaire David Mugrabi, alleging he had conspired with hitmen for her assassination.


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