Virginia School Board Member Arrested for Involvement in Capitol Riot

Virginia School Board Member Arrested for Involvement in Capitol Riot

Miles Adkins, an elected member of the Frederick County School Board in Virginia, was arrested on Tuesday for his alleged participation in the January 6, 2021 riot at the United States Capitol. Adkins was captured in multiple surveillance videos and photographs, which he had shared on social media, showing him stomping around the breached grounds while carrying a tall, silver canned beverage.

According to an FBI affidavit, Adkins was seen consuming multiple alcoholic beverages during the riot, as he witnessed the destruction of property and clashes between rioters and law enforcement. As he left the Capitol, Adkins reportedly shouted, “Let’s go get a beer, let’s go get a beer!” Investigators claim that he later bragged about his actions in Facebook messages to an unidentified member of the far-right Oath Keepers, stating, “I drank fireball and a Coors Light in the Capitol.”

Adkins has been charged with several offenses, including entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, and parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building. During interviews with investigators, Adkins admitted to traveling to Washington, D.C., that morning to hear then-President Donald Trump speak against the 2020 election results. He also revealed that he had previously acted as an escort for individuals associated with the Oath Keepers during similar trips.

Surveillance footage allegedly shows Adkins wandering through the Capitol after entering through the breached Senate Wing Door. He was observed waving others to follow him and assisting at least two individuals in climbing through a broken window nearby. Adkins spent the remainder of his time inside the Capitol walking around while holding a large canned beverage, which he later identified to friends as a Coors Light.

Adkins, who was elected to the school board in 2021, had previously faced calls for his resignation in June after being charged with driving under the influence. The arrest marks another legal issue for the school board member.

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  1. This is absolutely appalling! It’s beyond belief that someone who holds a position of authority in the education system would be involved in such a disgraceful act. As a school board member, Miles Adkins should be setting an example for students, promoting respect for the rule of law and democratic values. Instead, he chose to participate in a violent and seditious attack on our nation’s Capitol. This is a clear betrayal of the trust placed in him by the community. It’s disheartening to

  2. It is disheartening to see an elected official involved in such a serious incident. This situation highlights the importance of vetting candidates thoroughly before they are elected to public office. One potential solution to prevent such occurrences in the future is to implement a more comprehensive background check process for individuals running for public office.

    Currently, background checks are typically conducted for criminal records, but they often do not delve deep enough into an individual’s beliefs, affiliations, or potential involvement in extremist groups. By expanding the scope

  3. As a resident of Virginia, I was shocked to hear about Miles Adkins, an elected member of the Frederick County School Board, being arrested for his alleged involvement in the Capitol riot. It was a surreal moment for me because I had never imagined someone from my community being connected to such a significant event in our nation’s history.

    I remember watching the news coverage of the riot unfold on January 6th, feeling a mix of anger, sadness, and disbelief. To think that someone who held a

  4. This is absolutely outrageous! How can someone who is supposed to be a role model for our children be involved in such a disgraceful act? It is deeply disturbing to think that a school board member, someone entrusted with the education and well-being of our children, would participate in a violent attack on our democracy.

    The fact that Miles Adkins, an elected official, was allegedly involved in the Capitol riot is a clear betrayal of the public’s trust. We expect our school board members to uphold the highest

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