Violent Mob Attacks Virginia Cop During Street Takeover

A Virginia police officer found herself trapped inside her patrol car as a swarm of masked individuals, described as “tough guy wannabe thugs,” launched a violent attack during a street takeover event in Fairfax County. Shocking bodycam footage captured the incident, which occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning, as hundreds of people retaliated against the officers for intervening in their reckless car meet-up.

The distressed officer can be heard on the radio calling for backup, reporting a large crowd hitting her car. The mob climbed on the hood, tore it apart, and attempted to open the car doors. Some individuals even brandished weapons, including a man seen hanging outside a car window with a rifle. The chaos and disorder were captured on video, with the attackers proudly documenting their dastardly actions.

Responding to the officer’s distress call, dozens of colleagues arrived at the scene, only to find themselves under attack as well. One officer suffered a “busted wrist” after being struck by a driver while approaching the surrounded patrol car. Another officer attempted to pursue the culprit but eventually abandoned the dangerous chase.

Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis expressed his belief that they narrowly avoided a line-of-duty death scenario. He condemned the masked individuals as “cowards” and stated that they had intended to drag the officer out of her car. Fortunately, they were unsuccessful, but Davis emphasized that such criminal behavior would not be tolerated in the county.

Thanks to incriminating video evidence, four individuals have been identified. Ronal Urrea-Hernandez, 18, is alleged to have crashed into the officer before fleeing the scene, leading to warrants being issued for felony hit-and-run and other charges. Carlos A. Matinez Jr., 18, faces reckless driving charges for his involvement in a collision with a patrol car. Dylan Heckard, 20, has been charged with abduction, assault on a law enforcement officer, and obstruction of justice. Detectives have also identified a 17-year-old Arlington man who will face charges of Disorderly Conduct and Abduction for jumping on the police cruiser and preventing the officer from leaving.

In response to this incident, the Fairfax County Police Department has established a Civil Disturbance team to proactively identify planned street takeovers and respond before they escalate into dangerous situations. The department will utilize a helicopter to track down individuals attempting to flee the scene.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Wow, this is absolutely horrifying! It’s so important to shed light on these incidents to raise awareness about the dangers our law enforcement officers face. I will definitely be sharing this post on my social media platforms to help spread the word and promote this important story. Thank you for bringing attention to this issue!

  2. Wow, this post sheds light on a truly alarming incident. It’s commendable that you are bringing attention to the dangers faced by police officers while on duty. The use of descriptive language, like “tough guy wannabe thugs,” effectively conveys the intensity of the situation. However, it would be helpful to include more details about the incident, such as the date, location, and any updates on the investigation. This would provide readers with a more comprehensive understanding of the event. Great job overall

  3. I would highly recommend investing in a reliable dashcam for your car, especially if you frequently drive in areas where street takeover events or similar incidents occur. A dashcam can provide crucial evidence in case you find yourself in a similar situation, helping to identify the perpetrators and ensure justice is served. It can also act as a deterrent, as potential attackers may think twice knowing they are being recorded. Stay safe on the roads!

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