Video of McFarland, California Police Batoning Suspect Raises Concerns, Sparks Investigation

A video circulating on social media has raised concerns after it showed McFarland Police officers using a baton on a suspect during an arrest. The incident occurred in a McDonald’s parking lot and was captured on camera by bystanders.

The McFarland Police Department reported that the event took place on Sunday, Nov. 26, around 3:23 p.m. The situation began when officers responded to reports of reckless driving involving hundreds of vehicles near Lake Woollomes, near Delano. The group of drivers reportedly moved from Delano’s Walmart to the area of Browning Road and Pond Road, near McFarland, where they took over the parking lot. McFarland officers, assisted by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) Air One Unit helicopter, attempted to disperse the vehicles. During this time, some individuals allegedly threw glass bottles and vandalized patrol vehicles. Additionally, one person was reported to have pointed a laser from a firearm at the KSCO helicopter.

Subsequently, McFarland Police received reports of a fight at the McDonald’s at 101 Sherwood Avenue. Upon arrival, officers encountered over 50 individuals inside the restaurant and several more in the parking lot. Efforts to detain individuals involved in the fight were met with resistance, leading to a physical altercation. The video shows an officer striking one of the suspects, identified as 21-year-old Francisco Joaquin of Fresno, multiple times with a baton. The police stated that less-than-lethal weapons, control holds, and takedown techniques were employed during the arrest.

Joaquin, a documented Fresno gang member and convicted felon, was reportedly attending a car show with his girlfriend, 22-year-old Anjanette Garcia, prior to the altercation. Both Joaquin and Garcia were arrested, with Joaquin facing several firearms charges after officers allegedly found a loaded semi-automatic firearm with an illegal extended magazine on him. Garcia was also booked but did not sustain injuries.

Joaquin’s family has claimed excessive force was used during the arrest and are consulting with lawyers.

Dr. Tommy Tunson, a criminal justice professor at Bakersfield College and former police chief in Arvin, commented on the incident. He highlighted the impact of such videos on public trust in law enforcement, drawing parallels to the Rodney King incident. According to Tunson, the video’s content could significantly affect community perception of the McFarland Police Department.

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