Vallejo Police Officer Arrested for Domestic Violence and Stalking

A Vallejo police officer, Ronald Dupree, was arrested on Valentine’s Day after his ex-girlfriend reported a series of threats and harassment to the Oakland Police Department. The victim, a Bay Area woman, stated that Dupree had been tormenting her for months following the end of their relationship. Dupree, 29, of Dixon, was taken into custody on charges of domestic violence, stalking, and criminal threats. However, he has since been released from Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, and no charges have been filed against him as of yet.

Oakland police executed a search warrant at Dupree’s Dixon residence in an effort to locate three firearms registered under his name. Two firearms were discovered and seized during the raid. The victim had previously reported Dupree’s behavior to the Vallejo Police Department, but it remains unclear if any action was taken by the department.

According to the victim’s statement to the Oakland police, Dupree’s unwanted attempts to rekindle their relationship intensified after she informed him that their shared dog was at the veterinarian. Allegedly, Dupree paid the veterinary bill and then demanded reimbursement or reconciliation. Subsequently, the victim claimed that Dupree began bombarding her with numerous text messages and phone calls, often from blocked numbers. She further alleged that Dupree made threats, including knowledge of how to dispose of a body, and warned her that he would file a missing person’s report if she attempted to hide.

Vallejo police have confirmed that Dupree, who joined the force in 2020, is currently on administrative leave. However, they have declined to provide further public comments on the matter. Dupree had previously received recognition for his DUI arrest record and had earned accolades within the department.

This incident comes at a time when the Vallejo Police Department is already facing public backlash due to the Netflix documentary “American Nightmare.” The documentary has sparked outrage, with many individuals expressing anger over Vallejo detectives accusing a woman who had been kidnapped and raped of fabricating the entire ordeal.

Author: CrimeDoor

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