Valerie Tindall Investigation: Neighbor Arrested for Murder

The six-month search for 17-year-old Valerie Tindall ended tragically when her body was discovered in a barrel on her neighbor’s property in Arlington, Rush County. Patrick Scott, 59, who employed Tindall in his lawn care business, was arrested on a preliminary murder charge following the discovery.

Scott, the last person to see Tindall alive on June 7, faced earlier charges for providing false information about her disappearance. He initially claimed to have dropped Tindall off and alleged she left with an unknown individual. However, inconsistencies in his story raised suspicions.

The investigation intensified on Tuesday after new information emerged, leading to the search of Scott’s property where the remains were found. The body was discovered under rubble from a garage Scott had demolished, just yards from Tindall’s family home. While a medical examiner has yet to positively identify the remains of Valerie Tindall, Rush County, Indiana, Sheriff Allan Rice said they are likely those of the missing teenager.

Valerie’s mother, Shena Sandefur, expressed concerns about Scott’s behavior towards her daughter, noting his excessive attention and monitoring of Valerie’s phone. Despite these concerns, Valerie continued to interact with Scott due to their work relationship.

The case has significantly impacted the small community of Arlington, where the arrest of a trusted neighbor has caused shock and disbelief. With Scott now in custody, the focus is on the ongoing investigation and subsequent prosecution.

Rush County Sheriff Allan Rice stated that the investigation is not yet concluded and efforts are being made to bring justice to all involved in the crime. The authorities continue to seek additional information and urge anyone with knowledge about Valerie’s activities or interactions on June 7 to contact Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS or the Rush County Sheriff’s Department at (765) 932-2931.

Lou Nightingale
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