Utah Trooper Injured in High-Speed Pursuit, Suspect Arrested on Multiple Charges

A Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) trooper is currently recovering in the hospital after sustaining serious injuries during a high-speed pursuit in Salt Lake City. The incident unfolded as officers attempted to apprehend Sammy Swickey, 34, who was wanted in connection with a drug investigation. Swickey was subsequently arrested on seven charges, including failing to stop or respond to police commands, aggravated assault, possession of a controlled substance, and traffic violations.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the UHP trooper initially received information about individuals using drugs inside a vehicle parked in a lot. Upon learning that the vehicle was leaving, the officer followed and activated the police lights in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop. However, Swickey’s car quickly turned onto North Temple St. and accelerated away from the pursuing officer.

During the pursuit, Swickey allegedly ran a red light and made a sharp turn, causing officers to lose sight of his vehicle due to its erratic driving. Another officer then tried to initiate a traffic stop using emergency lights, but Swickey ignored the attempt and collided with the officer’s car.

In an effort to apprehend Swickey, UHP deployed tire-deflating devices while he was driving northbound on 7200 West. Tragically, during this operation, a trooper fell off an overpass and landed on a dirt road below. The injured trooper was rushed to the hospital in serious condition but is now stable and in recovery.

A helicopter was dispatched to track Swickey’s vehicle from the air as he traveled east on I-80 and exited onto 5600 W. Swickey eventually stopped in another parking lot and fled into a nearby hotel. Officers entered the hotel but did not immediately encounter Swickey. However, as they were leaving, he allegedly entered the premises. Swickey was subsequently apprehended without further incident.

Upon searching Swickey, officers discovered a small foil square containing a melted pill and a “tooter straw” in his pockets. Swickey later admitted to dropping off other passengers who were in the car during the pursuit.

Author: CrimeDoor

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