Utah Teen Mom Charged with Aggravated Murder in Newborn’s Death

Utah Teen Mom Charged with Aggravated Murder in Newborn’s Death

An 18-year-old Utah mother, Estrella Meza Ojeda, is facing an aggravated murder charge after allegedly attempting to conceal the birth, life, and death of her newborn son. Ojeda has been charged with aggravated murder, obstruction of justice, abuse or desecration of a body, and producing false identification.

According to police, Ojeda gave birth to a premature boy in early August. Doctors informed her that the baby required supplemental oxygen to breathe. After spending 22 days in the NICU, the infant was discharged from the hospital with Ojeda, who was provided with oxygen tanks for her son’s care.

Less than a week later, emergency services were called when the baby stopped breathing. Doctors once again emphasized the importance of oxygen tanks for the baby’s survival. However, Ojeda failed to bring the necessary equipment when she returned to the hospital.

Authorities conducted a welfare check on Ojeda and her baby after she missed a follow-up appointment. Despite multiple attempts to contact her, Ojeda could not be located. Eventually, she claimed that the baby was in Mexico.

During the investigation, Ojeda provided forged identification documents and inconsistent statements. Police executed a search warrant on her phone, revealing concerning Google searches related to killing a baby and garbage dumps.

Ojeda later admitted to detectives that her son was no longer alive. She claimed to have disposed of the body on the side of the road near Exit 131 on I-80. However, a search of the area did not yield any evidence.

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