Utah State Files Motion to Restrict Contact in Kouri Richins Murder Case

Utah State Files Motion to Restrict Contact in Kouri Richins Murder Case

The State of Utah has filed a motion in court to prevent Kouri Richins, the woman accused of poisoning and killing her husband with fentanyl, from contacting her mother and brother. The motion was prompted by the discovery of a six-page letter titled “Walk The Dog” during a search of Richins’ cell by deputies at the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. The letter, allegedly written by Richins, instructs her mother to guide her brother on how to testify to defense attorneys.

According to the letter, Richins wanted her brother to tell her attorney that Eric Richins, the deceased husband, obtained drugs and pills from Mexico, which allegedly caused his death. The letter also suggests that Eric confided in her brother about getting high while watching a football game and obtaining fentanyl from workers in Mexico. Richins wanted her brother to testify that Eric planned for her to take the fall if he was ever caught, as he did not want her to know about his drug use.

State prosecutors argue that there is no evidence linking Eric to obtaining drugs from Mexico and consider the testimony outlined in the letter to be a false narrative. Richins claims her brother has texts and pictures to support the testimony but advises her mother to meet with him in person to discuss the details. Richins expresses concern that her mother’s house and phone may be under investigation and instructs her brother not to overanalyze the conversation.

Richins’ defense attorney, Skye Lazaro, argues that the State Prosecutors violated a Gag Order by submitting the letter as evidence and calls it an improper attempt to influence public opinion. Lazaro has filed a motion for contempt, requesting the Court to remove the “Walk the Dog” letter from the docket.

The Court has yet to rule on either motion, and the State is currently conducting further investigations to determine if the letter was shared with Richins’ mother or anyone else.


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