Utah Man Sentenced to Prison for Swindling Women Through Online Dating Scam

Utah Man Sentenced to Prison for Swindling Women Through Online Dating Scam

Utah man Nate Holzapfel has been sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges related to swindling women he met on social media dating apps. Holzapfel, a former contestant on ABC’s reality show Shark Tank, targeted vulnerable women, promising them romance and investment opportunities before pressuring them to hand over money and assets. Among his victims were DeAnn Jansen, Courtney Morton, and Sammi, who have come forward to share their experiences. Holzapfel was also accused of sexually harassing multiple women.

Holzapfel’s crimes spanned from 2018 to 2021 and involved six different victims. He convinced DeAnn Jansen to invest $50,000 of her late husband’s life insurance policy into one of his companies, promising a significant return on her investment. However, he failed to deliver on his promises and also took and sold her car, rifle, and ammunition. Courtney Morton, a divorced cancer survivor, was swindled out of nearly $200,000 and her specially adapted house. Sammi, a business owner suffering from multiple sclerosis, accused Holzapfel of sexually assaulting her.

Holzapfel pleaded guilty to three counts of communications fraud, a second-degree felony, and three misdemeanor counts of sexual battery. However, the plea agreement, which recommended 48 months of supervised probation and restitution, was rejected by Utah Fourth District Judge Thomas Low. Holzapfel is now serving a one- to 18-year sentence in a Utah state correctional facility.

The victims expressed their relief at seeing Holzapfel held accountable for his actions. They hope that their stories will serve as a warning to others and raise awareness about the dangers of online dating scams.


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