Urgent Appeal for Leads in Serial Attacks on LA’s Homeless

Los Angeles authorities are intensifying their efforts to apprehend a suspect linked to the killings of at least three homeless individuals across the city. In a joint briefing, the Los Angeles Police Department, Mayor Karen Bass, District Attorney George Gascón, and federal officials highlighted the urgent need for public assistance in solving these crimes.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore detailed that the murders, occurring between November 26 and 29, followed a disturbing pattern. “Each victim was approached and fatally shot while they slept,” Moore explained, refraining from labeling the perpetrator a ‘serial killer’. However, Mayor Bass emphasized the gravity of the situation, labeling the assailant as someone who is “preying on the unhoused.”

In response to the threat, Bass advised the homeless community to avoid sleeping alone in isolated areas and urged shelters as safer alternatives. She also called on relatives and friends of the homeless to warn them about the potential danger.

Chief Moore announced the formation of a dedicated task force, operating around the clock to resolve these homicides. The police have obtained surveillance footage indicating the suspect to be a hooded male and have images of the suspect’s vehicle, though Moore refrained from disclosing specific details to prevent misidentification.

Authorities are appealing to anyone who might recognize the suspect or vehicle, or has information related to the murders, to contact the police at 213-486-6890. Anonymous tips can also be submitted online. Mayor Bass assured the city’s vulnerable population, “Justice will come.” Gascón echoed this sentiment, stating, “An assault on one of us is an assault on all of us.”

Lou Nightingale
Author: Lou Nightingale

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