Unusual Accomplice: Puppy Found in Thief’s Pocket Leaves Police Stunned

A Detroit area man, Brian Askin, found himself in hot water after being caught with an unexpected accomplice during a pat-down by the police. As officers searched him on suspicion of theft, they were astounded to discover a gray-furred puppy with striking blue eyes zipped up in his pocket. The incident took place in Roseville, a city located in Macomb County, Michigan.

Roseville Police Chief Mitch Berlin expressed his astonishment, stating, “I don’t think anybody at this department has seen anything like it.” The adorable little pup, later named Frappy, had been taken from its rightful owner during a heist on January 16. Askin is accused of stealing a bag containing $5,200 from a businessman conducting a bank transaction at Comerica Bank before fleeing the scene.

Hours later, Askin was apprehended in Detroit, but it was the presence of the puppy that truly stunned the officers. Chief Berlin humorously remarked, “I think the puppy got to the station before the suspect did, from what I heard.” The police ensured that the five-week-old female puppy was well taken care of, providing her with warmth and attention.

The puppy, initially named Bandit by animal control, was later identified as Frappy when Askin’s ownership was confirmed. Despite the circumstances, Askin does not face any animal neglect charges. His attorney, Robbie Lang, believes that Frappy was purchased a few days before the crime and doubts that the dog was present during the theft.

Following Askin’s release from custody, Jeff Randazzo, Macomb County’s chief animal control officer, met with him to discuss caring for Frappy. Randazzo even offered assistance with vaccines and microchipping. The puppy was returned to her owner on Tuesday, ensuring her well-being.

Askin has been charged with larceny and is currently out on bail after paying a $20,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court again on January 31. The investigation into the theft continues, with authorities working to determine the full extent of Askin’s involvement.

This unusual case has captivated the attention of the local community, leaving many intrigued by the unexpected partnership between a thief and a puppy. The story serves as a reminder that even in the world of crime, there can be surprising and heartwarming moments.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Wow, that sounds like quite the story! I’m curious to know what the author thinks about the use of pat-downs by the police. Do they believe it is an effective method for ensuring public safety, or do they have concerns about potential violations of personal privacy?

  2. While the author portrays Brian Askin as being in “hot water” for having an unexpected accomplice during a pat-down, it is important to consider the circumstances and question whether this situation warrants such a negative portrayal. It is possible that Brian Askin was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and had no knowledge of the presence of this unexpected accomplice.

    Law enforcement officers are trained to conduct pat-downs to ensure their safety and the safety of others. However, it is crucial to remember

  3. Brian Askin’s situation can be likened to a fisherman who, while casting his net, unexpectedly catches a rare and protected species. Just as the fisherman finds himself in hot water with authorities for unintentionally breaking the law, Brian Askin found himself in a difficult situation after being caught with an unexpected accomplice during a routine pat-down by the police.

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