Unresolved Mystery: Family Seeks Answers in Disappearance of Nancy Ng at Guatemalan Yoga Retreat

Nancy Ng in Guatemala.

The disappearance of Nancy Ng, a 29-year-old woman during a yoga retreat in Guatemala last month, continues to puzzle her family and authorities. Nancy’s sister, Nicky Ng, 27, expressed gratitude for new details emerging from a witness but emphasized that their search for answers and Nancy’s whereabouts is far from over.

Christina Blazek, a witness and participant in the retreat, shared her account through attorney G. Christopher Gardner. According to Gardner’s interview with KABC-TV Los Angeles, Blazek tried to caution Nancy about the rough waters of Lake Atítlan while kayaking shortly before Nancy vanished. This account, however, has not been independently confirmed, as neither Blazek nor Gardner responded to NBC News for comments.

Nicky Ng articulated the family’s skepticism about accepting this account without further corroboration. She expressed concern about the information’s credibility, not given under oath and possibly being an interpretation of Blazek’s words by her lawyer.

Nancy was part of the “Be the Change” yoga retreat led by Los Angeles instructor Eduardo Rimada. On October 19, she went kayaking on Lake Atitlan and never returned. According to Gardner, Blazek encountered Nancy on the lake, warned her of the unsafe conditions, and attempted to help her. In the process, Nancy disappeared. Rimada, in a text to NBC News, expressed his deep sorrow but was not ready to speak publicly, though he has been cooperating with Nancy’s family and the authorities, including the FBI.

Gardner added that Blazek sought help after the incident and cooperated with local Guatemalan police, who reportedly informed her that the lake was known for drownings. However, the Guatemala prosecutor’s office did not respond to NBC News, leaving Blazek’s account unverified.

The FBI confirmed their involvement in the investigation, in coordination with Guatemalan authorities, and noted that no evidence of foul play had been discovered so far. The State Department acknowledged a missing U.S. citizen case at Lake Atitlan but declined to provide further details.

The Ng family is grappling with numerous unanswered questions about the circumstances of Nancy’s disappearance, particularly given her swimming proficiency. The lack of information about Blazek’s police report and her late communication through her lawyer adds to their concerns. Efforts to contact Blazek through emails remained unsuccessful until Gardner’s recent media appearance.

Gardner suggested that the family’s emails to Blazek might have been perceived as pressuring, given her traumatic experience. However, the family disagrees with this interpretation, emphasizing their desperation for information in a case involving a missing loved one.

Nancy’s absence has deeply affected her family, including her parents, who are trying to remain strong amidst the uncertainty. Her work with special needs children in the Alhambra Unified School District in Southern California means her absence is also felt by her students and their families.

Nancy is remembered by her sister as an environmentally conscious individual with a joyful spirit, always eager to make a positive impact. As the search continues, the Ng family is determined to keep Nancy’s story alive and hopes for more individuals to share and honor her memory.

This Thanksgiving, the family plans to leave a seat at the dinner table for Nancy, symbolizing their hope and love for her. Nicky, through tears, reflects on what Nancy would do in a similar situation, drawing inspiration from her sister’s resilience and dedication to loved ones.

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