University of Connecticut Fraternity President Arrested for Alleged Hazing Attack

University of Connecticut Fraternity President Arrested for Alleged Hazing Attack

The president of a University of Connecticut fraternity has been arrested for allegedly attacking a prospective brother during a hazing ritual. David Vallejo, 23, was taken into custody on Friday following an investigation into the incident that occurred in February. According to court documents cited by news reports, Vallejo allegedly threw one of the pledges into a wall during the initiation process.

The victim, a UConn student, was forced to recite the fraternity’s code while performing push-ups. However, as his arms began to give out, Vallejo reportedly became aggressive. The victim claimed that Vallejo grabbed him by his uniform shirt and threw him across the room, causing him to collide with a wall. Vallejo then allegedly pressed his forearm against the victim’s throat, reducing him to tears.

The abuse continued the next day when the victim and others were once again forced to recite more of the code in a push-up position. When the victim couldn’t hold the position due to bruising from the previous night, Vallejo allegedly flew into a rage and threw him across the room once again. He then pressed his arm into the victim’s neck, according to court documents.

Following these incidents, the victim decided to drop out of the fraternity. However, when he attempted to return his uniform the next month on campus, Vallejo allegedly assaulted him for a third time. The details of this incident were outlined in the affidavit.

Vallejo is now facing charges of third-degree assault, third-degree strangulation, second-degree unlawful restraint, and disorderly conduct. He was able to post $30,000 bail after his arrest.

The University of Connecticut has not released an official statement regarding the incident. It remains to be seen how the university will respond to these allegations and what actions will be taken against Vallejo.

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