UCLA Outlines Actions Following Mob Violence Against Protesters on Campus

UCLA Outlines Actions Following Mob Violence Against Protesters on Campus

UCLA’s chancellor, Gene Block, has revealed the measures being taken by the university in response to the mob violence that occurred on campus last week. Block announced that the university police, in collaboration with the LAPD and the county district attorney, are actively working to identify and prosecute the individuals responsible for the attack on the pro-Palestinian encampment. Additionally, the university has reached out to the FBI for potential assistance in the investigation.

The violent incident unfolded just before midnight on Tuesday when a large group, some wearing masks, descended upon the Westwood campus. Live footage broadcasted on television and the internet captured members of the mob using plastic pipes and planks to assault pro-Palestinian protesters. In response, those inside the encampment utilized pepper spray and attempted to defend the perimeter, while the attackers sought to dismantle barricades and launched objects, including fireworks, into the encampment.

Chancellor Block condemned the violence, describing it as a “truly despicable act.” The prolonged duration of the violence, which went unchecked for several hours, has raised concerns and prompted scrutiny over the slow response from law enforcement agencies. To address these concerns, Rick Braziel, UCLA’s newly appointed associate vice chancellor and chief safety officer, will lead the investigation to identify the perpetrators and ensure they are held accountable.

Chancellor Block also announced that Braziel will conduct a comprehensive review of the UCLA Police Department’s response to the attack, as well as an analysis of the university’s security protocols. Furthermore, a broader assessment of all acts of violence over the past 12 days, including those against counter-protestors, will be undertaken. The Los Angeles Police Department has assigned a detective to assist in the investigative efforts, and discussions have taken place with Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón to secure his support in prosecuting the instigators to the fullest extent of the law.

The UCLA Police Department has been directed to allocate all necessary resources to conduct a swift and thorough investigation. Video footage from the incident is currently under review, and witnesses are being interviewed. Chancellor Block urged anyone who witnessed the violence firsthand or possesses information about the attack to report it promptly.

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  1. In light of recent events, it is important for universities and educational institutions to prioritize the safety and well-being of their students. UCLA’s response to the mob violence is commendable, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of having effective security measures in place.

    For those interested in learning more about campus safety and security, the National Center for Campus Public Safety is a valuable resource. They provide information, resources, and training opportunities for campus safety professionals, students, and parents. Their website (https

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