U.S. Marshals Use Decoy Yoga Instructor Job Ad to Capture Fugitive Murderer in Costa Rica

U.S. Marshals successfully apprehended fugitive Kaitlin Armstrong, the prime suspect in the murder of Anna Moriah Wilson, after using a clever decoy yoga instructor job advertisement in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. The case, which had captivated the nation, finally reached its climax as Armstrong was brought to justice.

The tragic story began on May 11, 2022, when Wilson, a talented 25-year-old athlete, was shot and killed by Armstrong out of jealousy. Armstrong, a former yoga instructor who had previously dated Wilson’s boyfriend, had harbored deep resentment towards Wilson. On that fateful day, Armstrong confronted Wilson multiple times in a friend’s house where Wilson was staying, ultimately ending her life with numerous gunshot wounds.

Realizing the gravity of her crime, Armstrong fled the country shortly after the murder. Utilizing her sister’s passport, she sought refuge in Costa Rica, a place known for its resemblance to her own appearance. The search for Armstrong became even more challenging as many women in Santa Teresa shared a striking resemblance to her, making identification a daunting task for law enforcement.

After exhausting various investigative methods, including planting a female operative in local yoga classes, the U.S. Marshals devised a brilliant plan. They posted a job advertisement seeking a yoga instructor at a hostel, hoping to lure Armstrong out of hiding. The ad simply stated, “Just saying, hey, we’re at this hostel, we’re looking for a yoga instructor as soon as possible. Please contact us at this number.”

Days passed without any responses, but just as hope was dwindling, Armstrong took the bait. She reached out, expressing her interest in the job. Law enforcement swiftly confirmed her identity, leading to her arrest. Armstrong was extradited back to the United States to face charges for her heinous crime.

In November, a jury convicted Armstrong of first-degree murder, and she was sentenced to 90 years in prison. Currently serving her punishment at Lucille Plane State Prison in Dayton, Texas, Armstrong’s attempt to evade justice ultimately proved futile.

The gripping nature of this case, resembling a thrilling movie plot, serves as a stark reminder that even the most elaborate attempts to cover up a horrific act will eventually be unraveled. The tireless efforts of law enforcement, coupled with the determination to seek justice for Anna Moriah Wilson, have brought closure to a tragic chapter in the lives of those affected by this crime.


Author: CrimeDoor

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