Two Women Found Murdered in Similar Manner Along Indianapolis Road, Grieving Son Fears Serial Killer on the Loose

In a chilling series of events, two women have been found murdered in a similar manner along the same road in Indianapolis, just five days apart. The body of Marianne Weis, 52, was discovered behind a strip mall on Thursday, a mere 450 feet away from where Shannon Lassere, 58, was brutally stabbed to death in the parking lot of a dental office on January 27, according to local outlet Fox 59.

While Indianapolis police have not disclosed the exact cause of Weis’ death, Capt. Roger Spurgeon has confirmed that both women were killed in a similar manner. Officials have noted signs of trauma on their bodies, although further details have not been provided.

Interim Police Chief Christopher Bailey emphasized that although the murders have not been officially linked, there are striking similarities between the two cases. As a precautionary measure, Bailey urged the community to come forward with any information that could aid in advancing the investigations.

Justin Smith, the grieving son of Shannon Lassere, firmly believes that the same killer is responsible for both murders. Expressing his concerns, Smith told Fox 59, “I feel like there is somebody out here doing something. It’s not a coincidence… Something’s wrong. There’s somebody weird and evil walking around out here doing something.”

Lassere, who was deaf, had relocated with her family from Seattle to Indianapolis three years ago. On the night of January 26, she left her home to walk to a nearby gas station but never returned. Her body was tragically discovered across from her residence. Smith recalled having a foreboding feeling that morning, describing his mother as “the most amazing woman ever.” He expressed his anguish at the callousness with which she was taken, stating that she did not deserve such a fate.

Cecilia Lassere, Shannon’s daughter, echoed her brother’s sentiments, finding it too coincidental for the two murders not to be connected. She pleaded for justice, stating, “For my mom to be found and then for someone else to be found in the same area later, something is definitely going on, and I hope they find justice.” Cecilia fondly remembered her mother as her best friend, questioning why someone would harm such a welcoming and loving person. “She made me the mom I am today,” she added.

In response to these disturbing incidents, the police have increased patrols in the area where the back-to-back murders occurred. They are urging residents to review their security camera footage for any suspicious activity. Additionally, the community is advised to remain vigilant, especially when walking alone at night.

As the investigation unfolds, the Indianapolis community remains on edge, hoping for answers and justice for the victims. The police are determined to solve these heinous crimes and bring the perpetrator to justice, providing a sense of safety and closure to the grieving families and the entire community.


Author: CrimeDoor

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