Two Men Arrested in Connection with Organized Retail Theft at Apple Stores in Berkeley and Emeryville

Two men, Tyler Anthony Mims, 23, and Undre Deshaun Railey, 28, have been arrested in connection with a series of organized retail theft-related crimes at Apple Stores in Berkeley and Emeryville. District Attorney Pamela Price announced the charges, which include multiple felony counts of commercial burglary, grand theft, and misdemeanor counts of organized retail theft in concert.

The arrests were made following the apprehension of both suspects, and the Organized Retail Crime Alameda (ORCA) Vertical Prosecution Unit swiftly initiated the justice process. The charges stem from several incidents, including one captured on video at the Emeryville Apple Store, where one of the two suspects can be seen stealing multiple cell phones. This particular incident resulted in the loss of 50 Apple iPhones valued at $49,230. Police have reported a total of four grand thefts at the same store since January 19.

Mims and Railey were arraigned on the charges on February 14 and are scheduled for preliminary hearings on February 28. The District Attorney’s office is actively pursuing the case, aiming to bring justice to the victims of these organized retail thefts.

The investigation into these crimes highlights the ongoing issue of organized retail theft, which poses a significant challenge for businesses and law enforcement agencies. The collaboration between the police and the District Attorney’s office in this case demonstrates their commitment to combating such criminal activities.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Great job on reporting this news story! It’s important to keep the public informed about criminal activities like organized retail theft. However, it would be helpful to include more details about the crimes committed and any potential impact on the affected Apple Stores. Keep up the good work!

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