Two Men Arrested for Theft at Wilder Park, Possible Connection to Previous Burglaries Investigated

Two men in their 40s have been apprehended and charged with multiple felonies in connection with a theft at Wilder Park in Orinda. The suspects, aged 47 and 49, were arrested for allegedly breaking into a fenced area and stealing a trailer on March 11, according to court records. Authorities are currently investigating whether the individuals may be linked to other thefts in the area.

The Lamorinda Rugby Club, located at the nearby Orinda Sports Complex, experienced two burglaries in late 2023, during which trailers were stolen. The total estimated loss from these incidents amounted to approximately $17,500, as reported by the police. Investigators are now examining any potential connection between the recent theft at Wilder Park and the previous burglaries at the rugby club.

Court records indicate that the 47-year-old suspect has been released on bail, while the 49-year-old remains in custody with bail set at $210,000. Their arraignment is scheduled for April 18.

Law enforcement officials claim that the suspects were caught in the act. Orinda officers promptly responded to an alarm call at a corporation yard within Wilder Park. The two men allegedly attached the stolen trailer to a Chevrolet Silverado but were apprehended by the police after traveling only half a mile. Subsequently, a search was conducted at the 49-year-old suspect’s residence in Antioch, where authorities discovered Lamorinda rugby bags, a machine resembling one reported stolen from the club, suspected burglary tools, and methamphetamine. Additionally, firearms and firearm parts were allegedly found during the search.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. While it is important to acknowledge the criminal activity that took place at Wilder Park, it is equally important to avoid making generalizations about individuals based solely on their age. The fact that these men are in their 40s should not be used as evidence to suggest that all individuals in this age group are prone to criminal behavior. It is crucial to remember that criminal activity can be committed by individuals of any age, and it is unfair to stigmatize an entire demographic based on the actions of a

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