Two Men Arrested for Scamming Uber Eats Out of Over $1 Million

Two Men Arrested for Scamming Uber Eats Out of Over  Million

Two men from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, have been arrested for allegedly scamming Uber Eats out of more than $1 million. Trayon Morgan and Roy Blackwood were apprehended by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office following an eight-month-long investigation into their fraudulent activities targeting the grocery delivery service provided by Uber Eats.

The scam, which began in January 2022, primarily took place in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Morgan played a central role in the operation, creating multiple accounts on the Uber Eats platform, assuming the roles of both customer and courier. He would place a fake order as a customer and then accept the same order as a courier.

Uber Eats provides a preauthorized and preloaded credit card with a limit of up to $700 per transaction. Morgan would cancel the fake customer order and use Uber’s prepaid card to purchase a gift card. Blackwood, on the other hand, acted as Morgan’s accomplice, accompanying him to various Walgreens stores to spend the purchased gift cards.

During their investigation, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office conducted surveillance and discovered that the scammers visited 27 different Walgreens locations in a single day, resulting in a loss of $5,013.28 for Uber. Morgan also used stolen or fabricated identities of legitimate Uber drivers, replacing their license information with his own photo.

Working in collaboration with Uber, detectives employed investigative techniques to confirm Morgan’s involvement with the fake accounts. Arrest warrants were issued by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office on August 7, leading to the capture of Blackwood on August 16 and Morgan on August 22. Both suspects now face charges of organizing a scheme to defraud and grand theft.

An Uber spokesperson expressed gratitude for the efforts of law enforcement in this case. The company continues to invest in robust anti-fraud systems and technology, allowing their Global Investigations Team to proactively alert authorities about fraudulent activities. Combatting fraudulent activity remains a priority for Uber.


Author: CrimeDoor

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