Two Juveniles Detained in Connection with Kansas City Shooting that Left One Dead and Over 20 Injured

Two juveniles have been detained in connection with the shooting that occurred during a parade and rally in Kansas City, Missouri, leaving one person dead and more than 20 others wounded. Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves confirmed the involvement of the juveniles during a news conference. The shooting, which took place on Wednesday, resulted in the death of a 43-year-old woman, while the other 22 victims, ranging in age from 8 to 47, sustained injuries. Half of the victims are younger than 16 years old.

According to Chief Graves, the shooting appears to have stemmed from a dispute between several individuals that escalated into gunfire. She emphasized that there is no indication of any connection to terrorism or homegrown violent extremism. Initially, three individuals were detained, and an unspecified number of firearms were recovered by the police. Several law enforcement officials have stated that the shooting was likely the result of a personal dispute in the area and not an attack on the celebration itself. The status of the other seven individuals who were questioned remains unclear.

As of now, no charges have been filed, and the investigation is ongoing. Chief Graves stated that her department is working closely with the office of Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. The prosecutor has vowed to use every available tool under Missouri law to address this tragedy and obtain answers.

The shooting occurred after approximately 1 million people had gathered near Union Station in downtown Kansas City to celebrate the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory. The sudden eruption of gunfire sent the crowd into a panic, with fans running for cover as law enforcement swiftly responded to the scene. Four hospitals received a total of 30 patients, 19 of whom had gunshot wounds. Children’s Mercy Hospital received 11 children, nine of whom had been shot.

This incident marks the second shooting at a major sports title celebration in the United States within a year, following a similar incident in Denver during a parade for the NBA’s Nuggets. It serves as another tragic reminder of the pervasive gun violence that has marred various public spaces, including parades, rallies, schools, and movie theaters.

Among the victims was a radio employee, who tragically lost her life. The station she worked for expressed devastation over her loss. Additionally, members of her family were injured during the shooting. The mayor of Lee’s Summit, a suburb near Kansas City, confirmed that the injured victims included the brother of the city’s mayor pro tem, along with two nieces and a nephew.

Eyewitness accounts shed light on the chaotic scene that unfolded. One individual, Paul Contreras, tackled a person believed to be involved in the shooting, with the assistance of two others. Contreras managed to knock a gun out of the suspect’s hand, leading to the person’s subsequent arrest. However, it remains unclear if this individual is among those currently detained by the police.

Another witness, Jacob Gooch Sr., overheard an altercation prior to the shooting, where a girl warned someone against engaging in violence. Gooch’s wife and son were also injured during the incident. He recounted how the situation escalated when a person drew a gun and began shooting indiscriminately.

The FBI has established a tip line to gather videos capturing the shooting or suspects attempting to flee the scene. These videos will aid investigators in linking the detained individuals to the shooting. Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe emphasized that while the detention of several individuals is a positive development, it is crucial to have witnesses who can confirm their involvement in firing weapons.

Kansas City Chiefs players, coaches, and staff have been confirmed safe by the organization. The team expressed deep sadness over the senseless act of violence that occurred outside Union Station at the conclusion of the parade and rally.

President Joe Biden addressed the tragedy, stating that the joyous occasion of the Super Bowl win had been turned into a tragedy, calling for action to prevent further incidents of gun violence.

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