Two Dead in Shooting at Austin Shopping Center

Two Dead in Shooting at Austin Shopping Center

The Austin Police Department (APD) is probing a fatal shooting at the Arboretum Shopping Center. At approximately 5 p.m. on Thursday, shots were reported near the Teapioca Lounge. By 5:20 p.m., two individuals, including the shooter identified as Tang-Kang Dave Chiang, 38, were declared dead at the scene.

Laura Jauregui, 64, was one of the victims shot dead on-site by Chiang. Another woman was critically injured. APD confirms no prior relationship between Chiang and the victims.

Local shop owners and patrons at the Arboretum have voiced concerns. Brian Hoover, owner of Avant Garde Jewelers, highlighted the need for increased security measures in light of the incident. Shopper Eduardo Garcia, citing the unpredictability of such incidents, mentioned the shooting as a factor in his decision to relocate to Canada.

While APD has not specified the exact shooting location, it did confirm it was in the vicinity of the shopping center. Several agencies, including AFD, ATCEMS, DPS, FBI, ATF, and the APD Bomb Squad, were at the scene post-incident.

In official statements, the Washington Prime Group, owners of The Arboretum, conveyed their sorrow over the tragedy, emphasizing safety as a primary concern. The Teapioca Lounge owners also addressed the incident on social media, stressing their commitment to individual safety and support for healing endeavors.


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