Two Charged in Gen Con Theft of $300,000 Worth of Gaming Cards

Two Charged in Gen Con Theft of 0,000 Worth of Gaming Cards

Two individuals, Andrew “Pearson” Giaume and Thomas “TJ” Dunbar, have been officially charged by the Indianapolis Police in connection with the theft of nearly $300,000 worth of gaming cards from the Gen Con convention. The charges were filed after an investigation revealed their alleged involvement in the theft.

According to the affidavit provided to io9, the stolen merchandise was taken from the show floor by two men, one of whom used a pallet jack to transport the stolen goods. The pallet was then hidden behind a curtain, a significant distance away from the original area. Later, the men were seen with a red hand cart, moving the unwrapped boxes through the skywalk to an attached garage. A red Nissan Murano with New York license plates was observed leaving the garage with boxes stacked in the back.

Further evidence linking Giaume and Dunbar to the theft emerged when it was discovered that they had changed their names in the Gen Con registration system. Additionally, a contractor employed by Asmodee/Atomic Mass Games reported encountering a man with red hair attempting to enter the company’s booth at Gen Con Headquarters. The contractor believes this individual was trying to break into the booth.

The arrests were also aided by a tip from an attorney representing an unnamed client who claimed to possess the stolen gaming cards. The attorney stated that their client had been coerced into purchasing a pallet of merchandise by an individual named “Jeff” for $4,000. The recovered product was confirmed to be the stolen cards, with a total retail value of just under $200,000.

Both Giaume and Dunbar have been charged with theft in relation to the Gen Con incident. The investigation is ongoing.

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