Two Arrested After Large Amount of Suspected Marijuana and Pills Found in Vehicle

Two individuals were apprehended by the Hercules Police Department after a significant quantity of suspected marijuana and pills were discovered in their vehicle. On February 14, at approximately 11:54 a.m., officers from the Hercules Police Department conducted a traffic stop on a gray 2008 Hyundai Sonata lacking license plates. The vehicle was subjected to a probable cause search, leading to the discovery of various illicit substances and related paraphernalia.

During the search, law enforcement officials uncovered a plastic bag containing 306 grams (10.8 ounces) of suspected marijuana, along with a scale. Additionally, 15 individual bags, each containing 8 grams, were found, accompanied by another scale. Notably, a substantial amount of U.S. dollar bills was reportedly found on both the driver and passenger.

As a result of these findings, both the driver and passenger were promptly arrested and subsequently transported to a local detention facility. Further investigation revealed that the passenger had concealed 30 suspected oxycodone pills under their pants, leading to the addition of further charges.

The Hercules Police Department is actively pursuing this case, aiming to bring those involved to justice. The discovery of the suspected marijuana, pills, and related items highlights the ongoing efforts of law enforcement to combat drug-related offenses within the community.

Author: CrimeDoor

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