Trump’s First Criminal Trial Approaches, Focusing on Michael Cohen’s Testimony

As Donald Trump’s first criminal trial looms in New York, both his legal team and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office are preparing for a high-stakes battle centered around Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen. The trial revolves around allegations of hush money payments made by Trump to porn star Stormy Daniels, marking the culmination of a long-standing saga of scandal and betrayal between the two men.

While Trump’s lawyers have cautioned him about the likelihood of a conviction, legal experts, including some prosecutors in Bragg’s office, believe that this particular case may be the weakest among the charges faced by the former president. The case hinges on the claim that Trump falsified business records to make an illegal campaign contribution, a charge that the Justice Department has never brought before.

Both sides anticipate that the trial will largely revolve around the credibility of Michael Cohen, who is expected to be a key witness. Manhattan prosecutors have dedicated significant time to strategizing against potential creative maneuvers that Trump’s legal team may employ to challenge Cohen’s testimony. Trump’s attorneys, on the other hand, have extensively reviewed internal documents, public records, and even Cohen’s own podcasts to identify potential vulnerabilities in his testimony.

Cohen, who has expressed reluctance about testifying again, hopes for a more restrained courtroom atmosphere compared to Trump’s previous civil fraud trial. However, both sides acknowledge that Cohen’s credibility, damaged by a 2018 perjury conviction related to his testimony before Congress, will be a crucial battleground. Prosecutors have sought to avoid relying solely on Cohen’s testimony and have interviewed former senior Trump officials and others to find corroborating evidence of Trump’s involvement in the Stormy Daniels cover-up.

Trump’s defense team, led by Susan Necheles and Todd Blanche, recognizes the high stakes of the criminal trial. While some advisers have warned Trump to prepare for a potential loss and consider an appeal, others believe that discrediting Cohen on the stand could undermine Bragg’s case.

The upcoming Manhattan trial, with its elements of sex, lies, scandal, and alleged criminal conspiracy, perfectly aligns with the tabloid-obsessed Trump’s history. Cohen, once a loyal Trump supporter, now compares the former president to a “mob boss” and calls for his sentencing to house arrest.

If Trump were to be criminally convicted in this trial, it could have significant implications for the country. Polling data suggests that a substantial share of swing voters in battleground states would be deterred from voting for Trump if he were convicted. This trend has raised concerns among Trump’s closest advisers, who fear the potential fallout from a conviction.


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  1. This post highlights the upcoming criminal trial involving Donald Trump and Michael Cohen, which has significant implications for both Trump’s legal team and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. This case has real-world implications for the legal system and political landscape.

    One potential real-world application of this information is the impact it may have on future investigations and prosecutions involving high-profile individuals. The trial could set a precedent for how the legal system handles cases involving powerful figures and their associates. It may influence how prosecutors approach similar cases in the

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