Trump Faces Possible Defamation Lawsuit as Verbal Attacks Against E. Jean Carroll Continue

Trump Faces Possible Defamation Lawsuit as Verbal Attacks Against E. Jean Carroll Continue

In a recent rally held in Rome, Georgia, former President Donald Trump resumed his verbal attacks against E. Jean Carroll, the advice columnist who won an $83.3 million defamation award against him. Attorney Roberta Kaplan, representing Carroll, suggested that a new defamation lawsuit could be filed against Trump, citing the statute of limitations for defamation in most jurisdictions, which typically ranges from one to three years.

Trump, the Republican front-runner in this year’s presidential race, expressed his frustration during the rally, claiming that he had just posted a $91.6 million bond to cover the January verdict by a Manhattan jury while he appeals. He vehemently denied the accusations made by Carroll, stating that he had no knowledge of her and had never heard of her before. These statements echo his previous remarks when Carroll first publicly revealed her claims in a 2019 memoir, where he accused her of lying to sell her book and harm him politically.

During the rally, Trump also criticized the trial judge as a “Democrat Trump-deranged judge” and disparaged another state judge who refused to halt the collection of a $454 million civil fraud penalty against him, referring to them as “whacked-out judges.” He further complained about his civil and criminal cases, comparing himself to the infamous Al Capone.

Following the rally, Trump appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Monday, referring to Carroll as “Miss Bergdorf Goodman” and claiming to have no knowledge of her. The January verdict, based on Trump’s 2019 comments, was reached after a trial that Trump attended and briefly testified at. The jury was instructed to determine the damages owed by Trump as a result of his 2019 statements. They accepted the findings of a previous jury, which concluded that Trump sexually abused Carroll but did not meet the legal definition of rape in New York state. The previous jury awarded Carroll $5 million and found Trump guilty of defamation for statements made in October 2022.

It remains to be seen whether a new defamation lawsuit will be pursued against Trump. Kaplan, Carroll’s attorney, emphasized that they continue to monitor every statement made by Trump about their client. As the legal battle unfolds, the possibility of further legal action looms over the former president.

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