Tracy Olajide

Woman's Body Found off Logging Road

Crime Types: Murdered, Raped, Serial Killer Victim, Strangled, Unsolved,

Tag: Murdered

Tracy Olajide was last seen near the Waldorf Hotel in the Downtown Eastside neighborhood of Vancouver, B.C., on Aug. 10, 1995. Olajide, a 30-year-old mother of one, was a known sex worker and drug addict who frequented the streets around the Waldorf. Olajide reportedly had recently given up sex work but still used drugs, which she often purchased in the area.

Two days later, Olajide’s naked body was found on a trail close to the Morris Valley logging road, near Agassiz, B.C. She was sexually assaulted and strangled to death. Olajide was one of three women whose bodies were found in the remote area of the Fraser Valley in a two-month span. All three women were sex workers. Each of them was raped and murdered in a series of killings known as the Hemlock Valley Murders. The case remains unsolved.

Location was found on this website: An interactive map was created, showing the location of Tracy as well as the two other women believed to be murdered by the Hemlock Murderer: 49.310126, -121.901230