The Covina Massacre

Santa Slaughters Christmas Eve Partygoers

Crime Types: Murdered, Arson, Familicide, Mass Murder, Shot, Suicide, Survivor,

Tag: Murdered

On Dec. 24, 2008, Bruce Pardo walked up to his former in-laws’ house in Covina, Calif. He was wearing a Santa Claus suit and bearing a gift-wrapped package. Inside the package, Pardo had stashed two pistols and a homemade flamethrower. When the door opened, Pardo opened fire on the Christmas Eve party inside.
After his spree, Pardo used the flamethrower to set the house on fire. He then drove to his brother’s house and fatally shot himself in the head. Nine of Pardo’s in-laws and family members, including his ex-wife, died in the attack; three were wounded.

GPS Coordinates for 1129 E Knollcrest Dr, Covina. CA 91724 are: 34.080485, -117.867391