Terrance Williams

Man Disappears After Traffic Stop

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Terrance Williams drove himself to a party in Naples, Fla, on the night of Jan. 11, 2004, and has not been seen since. Williams, 27, spoke to his roommate that evening, but it was the last time anyone heard with him. Two days later, the roommate called Williams’ mother to let her know her son was missing.

Williams’ car was found in Naples Memorial Cemetery parked in such a way that it was blocking traffic, so it was towed. Cemetery workers said they saw Deputy Steve Calkins of the Collier County Sheriff’s Department pull over Williams on Jan. 12 and ask for his identification. The witnesses said Calkins patted Williams down and then drove away with him. Calkins returned to the cemetery at some point to move Williams’ Cadillac to the side of the road. The keys to the vehicle were found on the ground next to the car.

When contacted by Williams’ family, Calkins claimed he had no memory of making any arrests or having any cars towed the day Williams disappeared. However, when he was asked to submit an incident report by the sheriff’s department, Calkins said he noticed a driver “in distress.” He said that driver was Williams and that he gave Williams a ride to a Circle K convenience store because he was late for work. However, Williams did not work at Circle K. Calkins stated Williams told him the registration for his car was in his vehicle, so the deputy went back to the car to retrieve it after dropping Williams off. When he found there was no registration, he called Circle K, looking for Williams, at which point he was told he did not work there. Cellphone records, as well as surveillance cameras, did not corroborate Calkins’ report. A recording of a call from Calkins to dispatch about Williams’ vehicle also contradicted his statement. Calkins was fired from the sheriff’s department for his conflicting statements. On Aug. 30, 2018, Williams’ family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Calkins. Williams remains missing.

Williams was last seen being driven away from the Naples Memorial Gardens cemetery. The coordinates are 26.272654, -81.814619. reward $200,000 from tyler perry