Shawny Smith

Mother Raped, Left for Dead in Field

Crime Types: Murdered, Unsolved, Raped, Bludgeoned,

Tag: Murdered

Shawny Smith’s naked body was found by a farmer in his field in Weld County, CO on Feb. 8, 2003. Smith, a 32-year-old mother of two, had been beaten, raped, and left to die. It was reported that Smith, who was from Cheyenne, WY, was drunk at the time of the assault. It was unclear whether she died from exposure or the beating, which left her with a broken jaw and crushed larynx, or a combination of both. Sheriffs investigating the case had a suspect but were unable to get enough evidence to charge the person. Investigators have not released much other information in the case, which remains unsolved. Coordinates for Weld County, CO Highway 85