Paula Grossi

Woman Shot During Break-In

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Paula Grossi returned to her Rehoboth Beach, DE home around midday on Jan. 26, 2007, to find two men in the process of robbing the house. The men shot Grossi, 45, in the head, killing her. They then tied up her son, Rocco, and an unidentified female before ransacking the home. The men took several items before fleeing. Rocco and the woman escaped their bindings and called the police for help.

Grossi’s son gave police a description of the two men, both of whom were white and between 5 feet, 6 inches and 5 feet, 7 inches tall. One man was about 40 years old and the other was between 20-25 years old. The older man had three teardrop tattoos under his left eye. Composite drawings of the killers were made and a $25,000 reward offered, but they have not led police to the perpetrators of the crime, and Grossi’s murder remains unsolved.

Info about place of death/victim info: Scene of the crime address: 36773 Winner Circle, Stable Farms Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971 Google maps link:,+Rehoboth+Beach,+DE+19971/@38.7099418,-75.1109115,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89b8b7cb4775e0ed:0xcf3099f6ff0356f3!8m2!3d38.7099376!4d-75.1087228 Coordinates (Updated): 38.71003, -75.10877 This was a home invasion shooting. I didn’t see a specific tag for the home invasion. There were also rewards offered of $25,000 and $100,000, but I didn’t find a flyer image or an article that wasn’t a blog regarding the amounts. Update on reward: This blog mentions that the dad had put a reward for $100,000, but no one came forth. The reward was changed to $25,000, but as I understand the info it had a time limit of 30 days. Louise had asked for me to put it in the reward section, but I’m not sure it should be there. [I concur about reward. Her dad had offered it but he is deceased. I don’t see anything about a current reward. – Sherry]


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The 2007 Murder Of Paula Rossi & The Unsolved Murder Of Rehoboth Beach

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