Nicole Brown-Simpson, Ronald Goldman

Football Hero's Ex and Friend Butchered

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On June 13, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson’s neighbor Steven Schwab was walking Brown’s dog when the canine dragged Schwab to the gated walkway of her condo in the exclusive Brentwood neighborhood. There he found Brown laying sprawled, face down, in the courtyard. She had been stabbed to death. She was barefoot and covered in blood which drenched the outdoor patio. Schwab flagged down a passing patrol car. Police entered the yard and also discovered the body of Brown’s friend, Ronald Goldman. Goldman also had been stabbed repeatedly. Both victims had defensive wounds that indicated a struggle. Brown’s throat had been slit from ear to ear. The injury sliced her carotid artery, nicked a vertebrae, and exposed her larynx. Goldman suffered various wounds including a slit throat, two stab wounds to the chest, and a five-inch-deep gash to the body.

At the crime scene, investigators discovered a blue-knit cap, an Aris Isotoner left glove, and a white envelope containing a pair of women’s glasses. Bloody shoe prints and drops of blood leading out the rear entrance were assumed to belong to the assailant. LAPD commander Ken Bushey dispatched four detectives to O.J. Simpson’s home to notify the NFL Hall of Famer of the murders. A white Ford Bronco was parked on the street outside Simpson’s home. Drops of blood were found on the door and handle of the car. Simpson’s house was dark. Detective Mark Fuhrman discovered a bloody Aris Isotoner right glove on the walkway leading to the guest house where Kato Kaelin was residing. Simpson was nowhere to be found.

Simpson was eventually arrested, following a now-infamous car chase in the Bronco, and charged with killing Brown and Goldman. He pleaded not guilty and went to trial in 1995. The televised courtroom proceedings became a phenomenon with people from around the world tuning in to see what would happen to the famed football star. On Oct. 2, 1995, despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt, Simpson was found not guilty. In 1996, Goldman and Brown’s parents sued Simpson in civil court for the wrongful death of their children. They were awarded $33.5 million. The criminal case of who murdered Brown and Goldman, however, remains unsolved.

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