Michele Julson

Woman Leaves to Run Errands, Vanishes

Crime Types: Disappeared, Missing,

Tag: Missing

Michele Julson dropped her son off at his grandfather’s house in Bismarck, ND at 12:30 p.m. on Aug. 2, 1994. Julson, 26, said she was going to run some errands, which included picking up her paycheck from the Fort Abraham Lincoln Foundation. She said she’d be back in a couple hours, but Julson never returned and has been missing ever since.

A friend reported seeing Julson on Aug. 5 at the WeFest country music festival in Detroit Lakes, MN. She was with a man named ‘Tom,’ who drove a black four-by-four Chevrolet. The sighting led to police closing the missing person’s case. However, it was quickly reopened when her family was still unable to get in touch with her. Investigators said they do not believe Julson was ever at WeFest. On Aug. 8, Julson’s 1987 Ford Thunderbird was found at the Bismarck Comfort Inn. The car was returned to her family and never processed by police. Her family reported the car was clean, except for a half-eaten sandwich on the front seat.

Julson never picked up her paycheck the day she disappeared. Her family said she was a dedicated mother who would not abandon her child. She remains missing.

(CC verified location — there’s nothing more specific out there) ““ Michele was last seen dropping her son off at his grandfather, Richard Woodworth’s home in Bismarck, ND. I can’t confirm his address in 1994, so I’ve just put Bismarck in general as the location. Her address when she went missing was 715 W Sweet Ave in Bismarck.


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