Maggie Sniegowski

DNA Identifies Remains of Long-Lost Teen

Crime Types: Murdered, Unsolved,

Tag: Murdered

Margaret Sniegowski disappeared from her family’s home in Toledo, Ohio, in April 1992. On May 3, a farmer plowing his field in central Indiana came across the body of a girl wearing only a halter top and green socks in a watery ditch on his property. These remains were not identified as Sniegowski for 30 years. In April 2022, advances in DNA testing allowed for the remains to be positively identified as Sniegowski.

It was unclear why Sniegowski, 17, left her home or how she ended up 200 miles away in Indiana. The decomposition of her remains made it impossible to determine how she died, although investigators said they think she was strangled. Police are treating Sniegowski’s case as a murder and the investigation into what happened to her is ongoing.

Location verified, coordinates updated (40.126275, -86.515654) – BM Old coordinates: 40.126275, -86.515654 East side of the on-ramp of I-65N from S.R 47 (0.06) MARK she was believed to be strangled but unconfirmed due to decomp. left tag out for strangled until confirmation.