Keith Reinhard

Writer Goes on Hike, Disappears

Crime Types: Missing, Disappeared,

Tag: Missing

Keith Reinhard closed his antique shop in Silver Plume, Colo., around 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 7, 1988, and headed to Pendleton Mountain for a hike. Reinhard, 49, did not take anything with him when he left and told friends it was his plan to reach the summit before returning home. Reinhard was never seen again.

Reinhard worked as a sports writer for the Daily Herald in Chicago. He was in Colorado on a sabbatical to write a novel. He opened the antique store with the idea of relocating to the area if the shop was successful. He was also investigating the death of a local, Tom Young, who operated a bookstore in the same building as Reinhard’s antique store, and who had been found shot to death on Pendleton Mountain a year earlier.

Reinhard’s friends found it odd he would try to summit the mountain so late in the day. They noted he was afraid of heights and also was hungover from a previous night’s party. A weeklong search for Reinhard ensued but turned up nothing. Reinhard left behind a wife and two children when he left Chicago. His wife was due to visit him the month he disappeared, and he was reportedly excited to see her. Reinhard remains missing.

Keith Reinhard last spoke to Ted Parker at KP Cafe before walking towards the mountain – he was never seen again. Articles mentioned he was seen walking through the town to the base of the mountain but no location is mentioned, so I have placed it at KP Cafe, where he is officially documented as being seen. Lauren agrees to this location as last confirmed sighting. KP Cafe = 855 Main St, Silver Plume, CO 80476 – Coordinates 39.6967565,-105.7256153