Joey Fischer

Hitmen Murder High School Senior

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At 7 a.m. on March 3, 1993, Joey Fischer was standing outside his family home on Cortez Avenue Rancho Viejo, Texas, trying to wash the dust off the window of his mother’s car, when a man walked up and shot him twice, once in the back and then in the head. Fischer, 18, was a senior at St. Joseph Academy and was on his way to school that morning. Fischer’s mother, Corrine Nelson, heard the gunshots and went outside and found her son’s lifeless body still holding the hose. Nelson’s daughter called 911 but Fischer was already dead.

Police initially suspected the incident had been a drive-by shooting, but clues, including a shoe print and a business card next to Fischer’s body led them in a different direction. Police would soon discover a murder plan orchestrated by the mother of Fischer’s ex-girlfriend, Cristina Cisneros. While questioning a man named Daniel Garza in San Antonio, TX, police were able to get Garza to incriminate himself in Fischer’s murder. Garza told them he’d made arrangements to have Fischer killed and confessed because he felt bad about what he’d done. Garza had been asked to kill Fischer by a fortune teller he was consulting to help him with his troubled marriage. This person, Maria Martinez, was Cisneros’ mother, Dora Cisneros’, medium as well and was attempting to facilitate Fischer’s death because he would not get back together with Cristina. Garza knew two hitmen in Matamoros, Mexico, Israel Olivarez Cepeda and Heriberto Puentes Piza ña, who he hired to carry out the hit.

Soon Garza, Dora Cisneros, and Martinez were all in custody, charged with capital murder. Mexican police arrested Olivarez and Puentes Piza ña and began proceedings to extradite them to Texas. In 1994, Garza and Dora were convicted of capital murder for arranging Fischer’s death. They were sentenced to life in prison. Dora had her conviction overturned in 1996, but was retried and convicted again in 1998. She was then sentenced to life in prison again. Martinez was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison. The two triggermen were never extradited, but did stand trial in Mexico. They were both found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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