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Angry Mother Assassinates Local Politician

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Isabel Carrasco, the head of the government in the Province of León, and the head of the People’s Party in the province, was shot and killed while walking across a bridge over the Bernesga River on May 12, 2014. The 59-year-old Carrasco was being trailed by another woman as she walked that day. The woman, Montserrat González, soon got close enough to shoot Carrasco once in the back. When she was on the ground, she fired two more bullets into her head before calmly walking away from the scene.

A retired police officer and his wife witnessed the assassination. As González fled, the man followed her. He eventually identified her to a passing police car and she was taken into custody. As she was being arrested, her daughter, Triana Mart­nez arrived, and claimed she’d been with her mother the entire afternoon. González’s husband was the chief of police of the town of Astorga, but the women were still taken in for questioning. The murder weapon was found later that day in the car of Raquel Gago, a local police officer, who was Mart­nez’s best friend. Gago was soon implicated in the killing as well and all three women were charged in the plot. During the trial González explained she had killed Carrasco because she had let Mart­nez go from her job on the provincial council. She also claimed Carrasco had demanded sex from Mart­nez, who refused, which led to her employment contract not being renewed. On Feb. 20, 2016, González, Martinez, and Gago were found guilty of killing Carrasco. González was sentenced to 22 years while Martí­nez got 20. Gago was given a 12-year sentence for being an accomplice to the murder.

GPS Coordinates: 42.598516, -5.581250 : The Pedestrian Bridge over the Bernesga River is the location where Carrasco was shot. Found by cross referencing google street view bridges in Leon with photos of the crime scene


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