Garry Newlove

Man Beaten to Death by Teens

Crime Types: Murdered, Bludgeoned, Gang,

Tag: Murdered

Garry Newlove went outside his Station Road North home in Warrington, U.K., on the evening of Aug. 10, 2007, to deal with a group of young men he thought were vandalizing his wife’s car. The teens viciously attacked Newlove, 47, who died 36 hours later in the hospital. The police quickly arrested nine people in connection with the attack and charged five of them with murder. In 2008, Adam Swelling, 19; Stephen Sorton, 17; and Jordan Cunliffe, 16, were convicted of killing Newlove. Two others were cleared of any involvement. Swelling, Sorton, and Cunliffe were sentenced to life in prison with varying minimum sentences. Cunliffe and Sorton were paroled in 2020.

Garry was killed in the street outside his home on Station Road in Fearnhead, Warrington, UK. The coordinates are 53.40949, -2.55657.