Erica Hagan

American Teaching Assistant Murdered in Chile

Erica Hagan, a recent college graduate from Kentucky, was in Chile working as a teaching assistant in English and religious education at the Colegio Bautista in Temuco when she was murdered. Hagan, 22, was found dead in her dormitory bathtub on Sept. 6, 2014. She was naked and had been beaten to death with a fireplace poker. Her body was submerged in scalding water, which was leaking from the tub and into the science laboratory next door. Hagan was not sexually assaulted in the attack.

Whoever killed her attempted to set her room on fire, but the fire quickly burned out. A security guard at the school was arrested and tried for the murder but was acquitted. It was inferred that police botched the investigation, and Hagan’s father filed a lawsuit for the mishandling of the case. In 2020, he was awarded $240,000. Hagan’s murder remains unsolved.