Betty May

Killer Pegged in Second Strangulation

Crime Types: Murdered, Raped, Strangled,

Tag: Murdered

On Oct. 28, 1988, an acquaintance went to see 55-year-old Betty May at her boarding house room in Reno, NV. Her door was open and the visitor found May dead near her bed. Police determined she had been raped and manually strangled.

May’s murder sat unsolved for 12 years. In 2000, convicted murderer Daryl Mack was charged with killing May after DNA from semen taken from her body matched Mack’s DNA profile. Facing first-degree murder charges, Mack waived his right to a jury trial and was tried by a three-judge panel. In 2002 he was convicted of killing May and sentenced to death. While Mack claimed he was innocent of the crime, he voluntarily gave up all his appeals. In 2006 he was executed via lethal injection.

Betty was killed in her room in a boarding house at: 755 Forest St Reno, NV 89509 GPS Coordinates: 39.51701, -119.81152