Betty Gore

Woman Kills Friend With Axe

Crime Types: Bludgeoned,

Tag: killed

On June 13, 1980, Allan Gore was out of town on a business trip and could not get ahold of his wife, Betty, so he asked his neighbors if they would check on her. When they entered the Gores’ Dogwood Drive home in Wylie, Texas, they found the Gores’ baby daughter in her crib and Betty dead on the floor of the laundry room. She was covered in so much blood it was initially believed she’d been shot to death. Further examination of her body revealed Betty had been hit an estimated 41 times with an axe. There was a bloody footprint at the crime scene, which would soon give away the killer.

Allan was having an affair with Betty’s good friend, Candy Montgomery. When Montgomery heard about the footprint, she used garden shears to cut up her favorite pair of summer sandals. Her attempt to hide the evidence was in vain, as she admitted to being the last person to see Betty alive, which made her the prime suspect.

Once Allan confessed to the affair, Montgomery was arrested and charged with killing Betty. During her trial, Montgomery said Betty confronted her about the affair the morning she was murdered. Montgomery claimed Betty attacked her with the axe and she retaliated in self defense after taking the weapon from Betty. Her first blow, however, was not fatal, so she hit her 40 more times. At the trial, Montgomery’s psychiatrist testified that Candy suffered from childhood trauma that had triggered her rage. It took the jury less than four hours to find Montgomery not guilty and she was set free.

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