Trio Arrested in Massive Nine-Car Heist at North Spokane Dealership

Three car thieves orchestrated a nine-car heist at Northtown Auto Sales in North Spokane, Washington. The theft occurred between 2 AM and 5 AM on Tuesday morning. The thieves rappelled into the dealership, grabbed 15 sets of keys, and drove away with nine cars valued at approximately a quarter of a million dollars.

The dealership, known for its giant inflatable dog on the roof, had security measures in place including alarmed doors, video cameras, and motion sensors. However, the thieves managed to break into the office without triggering any alarms or sensors.

Video footage captured two individuals, identified as Fran Anunar (19) and Heran Linfield (20), returning multiple times to steal the cars. Anunar was recognized by the police because he was wearing the same straw hat he had during the heist. Both suspects were arrested on Wednesday, and charges are pending against a third suspect.

The investigation is ongoing, with authorities questioning how the thieves had knowledge of roof access, the location of the keys, and how to avoid triggering the security system.

The suspects are facing nine counts of vehicle theft and one count of commercial burglary.


Author: CrimeDoor

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