Tribal Violence in Papua New Guinea’s Highlands Leaves 64 Dead

At least 64 people have been killed in a violent clash between rival tribes in Papua New Guinea’s northern highlands. The deadly confrontation took place in the Wapenamanda District of the Enga Province, involving the Ambulin and Sikin tribes and their respective allies. The incident, which began at dawn on Sunday, has been described by a senior police officer as the “largest” killing in the recent history of the Pacific nation.

Local police, as reported by the Post-Courier newspaper, have recovered 64 bodies from various locations, including the roadside, grasslands, and hills of Wapenamanda. The violence escalated as rival factions employed high-powered firearms, including AK47 and M4 rifles. Authorities anticipate that the death toll will rise as further investigations are conducted.

This is not the first time these tribes have clashed violently. Last year, similar clashes between the Ambulin and Sikin tribes resulted in the deaths of 60 individuals in Enga Province. The current outbreak of violence has left the entire community devastated and mentally stressed, according to George Kakas, a senior officer in the country’s police force.

Graphic videos and photos from the scene, depicting stripped and bloodied bodies strewn along the road and piled onto a flatbed truck, have been received by the police. The military has deployed approximately 100 troops to the area, but their impact has been limited due to the outnumbered and outgunned security services.

In response to the escalating situation, opponents of Prime Minister James Mara’s government in the capital city of Port Moresby have called for swift action, including the deployment of additional troops to the affected region. They have also demanded an investigation into the source of the firearms and ammunition fueling this senseless violence.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has expressed deep concern over the situation, emphasizing that his country is providing significant support for training police officers and ensuring security in Papua New Guinea.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. This is absolutely appalling and heartbreaking. The fact that 64 lives have been lost in a violent clash between rival tribes is beyond comprehension. It is devastating to see such senseless violence and loss of human life. This kind of brutality only perpetuates a cycle of hatred and suffering, leaving families shattered and communities torn apart. It is high time for the authorities to take immediate action to prevent such conflicts and ensure the safety and well-being of the people. My thoughts go out to the victims and their loved

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