Trial Date Delayed for Accused Los Gatos “Party Mom” Unable to Afford Lawyer

The trial date for Shannon O’Connor, the accused Los Gatos “party mom,” has been further delayed due to her inability to afford legal representation. O’Connor, who has been in jail for over 27 months, appeared in court wearing a dark green jail jumpsuit over white long johns and orange rubber jail shoes. Her lawyer, Brian Madden, informed Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Peterson that O’Connor needed to request representation from the public defender’s office.

Madden stated, “Ms. O’Connor can no longer afford to pay her attorney’s fees.” Judge Peterson agreed to make the request and scheduled a hearing on March 6 to confirm her new lawyer. O’Connor faces felony charges of child endangerment and abetting sexual assault for hosting alcohol-fueled parties for her teenage son and his classmates.

The scandal, which erupted in October 2021, shook the affluent Silicon Valley suburb of Los Gatos. Prosecutors allege that O’Connor enticed teenagers to her spacious mountaintop mansion, where they engaged in late-night benders that often led to excessive drinking, vomiting, and passing out. Court filings further claim that some intoxicated teens suffered injuries from falls, while others were at risk of drowning in tubs. Additionally, O’Connor allegedly encouraged sexual encounters between underage girls and the intoxicated boys, some of which were non-consensual.

Efforts to schedule a preliminary hearing on the original criminal complaint faced repeated delays, and last fall, prosecutors secured a grand jury indictment against O’Connor. If convicted, she could face more than 20 years in prison. O’Connor had previously inquired about her potential sentence if she pleaded guilty to the original charges, but upon learning it would exceed 17 years, she declined.

During her more than two years in jail without bail, O’Connor’s once lavish Los Gatos lifestyle has crumbled. Her second husband, with whom she shares a younger son, filed for divorce, and they sold their Los Gatos residence. Divorce filings indicate that O’Connor is now representing herself in family court proceedings.

As the trial date continues to be postponed, O’Connor remains incarcerated, awaiting the next steps in her legal battle.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. 1. Seek pro bono legal services: Encourage Shannon O’Connor to reach out to local legal aid organizations or law schools that offer pro bono services. These organizations often provide free or low-cost legal representation to individuals who cannot afford an attorney.

    2. Crowdfunding or fundraising: Help Shannon set up a crowdfunding campaign or organize a fundraising event to raise funds for her legal representation. Utilize social media platforms and local community networks to spread the word and gather support.

    3. Research legal aid resources

  2. I can relate to the situation of Shannon O’Connor, as I have personally witnessed a similar case in my community. A few years ago, there was a single mother who was accused of hosting an underage drinking party at her house. The trial date for her case was repeatedly delayed because she couldn’t afford legal representation.

    This mother, let’s call her Sarah, was struggling financially and had been going through a difficult time. She was working multiple jobs just to make ends meet and provide for her children.

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