Trial Date Delayed Again in Ongoing Domestic Violence Case Against Jonathan Majors

Trial Date Delayed Again in Ongoing Domestic Violence Case Against Jonathan Majors

The trial date for the ongoing domestic violence case against actor Jonathan Majors has been delayed once again. At a virtual hearing on Wednesday, the trial date was pushed back to November 29. This comes after several previous delays in the case.

Shortly after the hearing, Grace Jabbari, the woman who accuses Majors of assaulting her in March, turned herself into a Manhattan police precinct. She was suspected of misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor criminal mischief. However, the district attorney’s office clarified on Thursday morning that they will not prosecute her on any charges related to the alleged dispute.

Sensationalized coverage of these recent developments in Majors’ case has spread on social media, originating from a report on Monday that Jabbari was set to be arrested. However, the crucial context that Jabbari wouldn’t be prosecuted was often omitted.

In a new court filing on Tuesday, prosecutors charging Majors accused his legal team of purposefully leaking and misrepresenting court evidence to the public. They also alleged that Majors’ team attempted to have police create a wanted poster with Jabbari’s photo. This aggressive strategy by Majors’ lawyers has included accusing Jabbari of attacking him during the dispute and of fabricating evidence.

The court filing also revealed that multiple women who allege Majors abused them are cooperating with the district attorney’s office. Prosecutors are seeking a copy of a police report from London in September 2022, which references medical care Jabbari received while dating Majors. Majors’ lawyers have maintained his innocence and presented footage they claim shows Jabbari “completely unharmed” after the alleged assault in March. However, prosecutors counter this claim, asserting that the footage actually shows Jabbari visibly upset and seeking help from strangers.

Attorneys for Majors have not yet responded to the allegations in the new court filing.

This ongoing back-and-forth between Majors’ lawyers and the prosecution follows his arrest in March on charges of strangulation, assault, and harassment against Jabbari. Jabbari obtained a protective order against him shortly after.

Additional women came forward in April, accusing Majors of similar misconduct. The case has garnered significant attention due to Majors’ celebrity status.


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